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Botany is the profession that gains knowledge by gathering wild plants, herbs and mushrooms. These ingredients are used to craft potions and poisons using Brewing.

To begin Botany you don't need any training, skill, tool or recipe. You simply need to interact with a level 1 herb and collect the resources. As you level up your skill in botany you will be able to collect higher level herbs.

Herbs are found throughout the world and spawn in specific locations based on the type of plant it is. Other players and you will race to loot each herb the fastest. However, every herb does respawn eventually.


  • Seamoss - Lv.1 - found on beach cliffs near the sand in the Domhan Region.
  • Chyme - Lv.1 - found in sunny grassy areas around the Domhan coastal region.
  • Noctis Root - Lv.2 - found near cliffs and caves in the Domhan Region.
  • Faoin's Grasp - Lv.3 - found near skulls and bones within the Domhan Region.
  • Wildtail - Lv.4 - found near trees and forest areas within the Domhan Region.
  • Shadow Cap - Lv.5 - found in the deepest darkest caves and forests in the Domhan Region.