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Aether Story is a huge under taking and requires all the help we can get. There are four ways of helping out.

Joining the Dev Team[edit]

Becoming a Contributor[edit]


You can volunteer any time you wish. One of the easiest ways to do so is simply by expanding and fleshing out the wiki you are on right now!

Some other ways you can volunteer include:

  • Suggesting New Ideas
  • Finding and Reporting Bugs
  • Share Story, Monster, Skill and other Ideas

You may do all of the above by joining us in the game studio's Official Discord!


If you don't have enough time but would rather help by donating and funding the development of the game, then you can always join our Patreon or make a one-time donation.

There are many rewards and incentives to donate. Please review the game studio's Funding page for more details.