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Name Speech
Bartender Arkiz Care for a drink? Best Honey Brew in all the land!
Dizcus Hello pal! You'll always be welcome here at the Meadery!
Patron Tuireann If ye after me honey brew ye better make ye'self scarce before I flog ya!
Ranger When my adventures bring me to Domhan I always stop by the meadery for a smooth Honey Brew.
Assistant Man! Carrying these pots of honey is hard work!
Brewer Athenwin Hey Baby... busy cooking up a batch of Honey Brew.
Assistant Once the Brewer has boiled the Honey Brew I store it in these kegs to ferment.

Points of Interest

There is a chest found when climbing up the ladders that reads "Locked. If only you had the await key... (This chest doesn't count towards your Chest Goals)"