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Level 1 Spells After The July 17, 2021 Patch[edit]

  • Word of Fury (Lv.1 Sage Spell): “Attack a single enemy 2 or 3 times at 30% power per hit” Cost: 30 energy (damage dealt is considered physical)


  • Long Arm (Lv.1 Ranger spell): “Attack a random enemy across or adjacent at 60% power, preferring backrow enemies” Cost: 30 energy (damage dealt is considered physical)


  • Spectral Slash (Lv 1. Warden Spell): “Attack enemy across from you and a random adjacent enemy for 60% power split between two targets” Cost: 30 energy (damage dealt is considered magical)


  • Fireball (acquired after Fire Shrine 1): “Blast an enemy with 100% power as fire damage” Cost: 5 mana Cast: 3 seconds (damage dealt is considered magical)
  • Healing Spring (acquired after Water Shrine 1): “Heals all friendly targets at your current position for 70 to 150%” power Cost: 6 mana Cast: 3 seconds (healing is not reduced by any kind of defence)

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