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The Person[edit]

Phanxgames or Phanx has often been used synonymously to refer to Henry, who is the lead developer of Aether Story. Henry often streams his development of the game on Twitch at phanxgames where viewers can discuss the game and support its development. Henry will also post updates on the phanxgames twitter account.

The Studio[edit]

"We are an Indie Game Development studio currently developing a Retro Multiplayer RPG known as Aether Story (code name RpgLegend). We are a huge fan of SNES-era JRPGs and Aether Story takes these inspirations to heart. We are making Aether Story not just for ourselves, but for you, our valued players. Even if you are not the biggest fan of the retro JRPG, we hope you appreciate our values that we put towards not only Aether Story but all the games we develop!"[1]

The Dev Team

The current Dev Team can be found at Dev Team.


[1] Phanxgames home page.