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Arkiz.png Arkiz is an Inn Keeper and Merchant found in the Domhan Meadows - Meadow Interior's Meadery.

Arkiz with background.png
Known as: Arkiz <Bartender>
Merchant: Yes


Location: Domhan Meadows - Meadow Interior's Meadery
Patch Added: ?


Arkiz is an Inn Keeper and Merchant found in the Meadery.
Prior to Alpha patch 0.5.0, Arkiz was only a Merchant and did not provide the Inn Keeper service.


Bartender Arkiz - Care for a drink? Best Honey Brew in all the land!
  • May I stay the night? <Inn>
  • I would like a drink. <Merchant>
  • Good bye. <Leave>

If you select the <Leave> service path...

Bartender Arkiz - Stop by again any time!

If you select the <Inn> service path...
...with full health and full mana:

Bartender Arkiz - You look well rested. Come back when you are more weary.

...without full health or full mana AND not enough gold:

Bartender Arkiz - Sadly you don't have enough gold to stay here tonight. It costs 10 gold. Come back when you have enough.

...without full health or full mana AND enough gold:

Bartender Arkiz - Would you like to stay the night for 10 gold?
  • Yes, please.
  • No, thank you.

Choosing Yes removes 10 gold from your inventory and fully restores your health and mana, and displays:

Bartender Arkiz - Please visit us again!

Choosing No ends the dialogue and displays:

Bartender Arkiz - Maybe next time.

If you select the <Merchant> service path...

Items This NPC Sells[edit]

Icon Name Stock Cost (Gold)
Beeswax.png Beeswax 5 10
Baked bread2.png Baked Bread 10 10
Honeybrew Mead.png Honeybrew Mead Unlimited 20
Honey.png Honey 5 20
Healing vial.png Healing Vial 2 100
Yeast.png Yeast Unlimited 4
Dizwin Cheddar.png Dizwin Cheddar 5 40
Jug of water.png Jug of Water Unlimited 15

To Reach This NPC[edit]

Take a telepad to Domhan: Meadows Meadery, and then head west in to the Meadery. Arkiz is behind the counter. of Alpha 0.5.0