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Athenwin.png Athenwin is a quest giver NPC found in the Domhan Meadows - Meadow Interior's Meadery.

Athenwin with background.png
Known as: Athenwin <Brewer>
Merchant: No

Buzzing for Honey

Location: Domhan Meadows - Meadow Interior's Meadery
Patch Added: ?


Athenwin is a quest giver NPC who is found in the Domhan Meadows - Meadow Interior's Meadery.
You pick up and return the quest Buzzing for Honey to Athenwin.
After completing the quest you can speak to Athenwin again and he will give you the cooking recipe: Dizwin Cheese.


Quest pick up:

Brewer Athenwin - Hey baby! Watch out the pot is hot!
You - Do you have any jobs for me?
Brewer Athenwin - Oh? Perfect a brave adventurer wanting to help! The aggresive bees have made my job very difficult you see...
Brewer Athenwin - I can't keep the mead flowing if we don't get more honey! Please go collect as much honey as you can from the beehives.
Brewer Athenwin - There's a Honey Brew in it for you if you hurry!

While quest is active:

Brewer Athenwin - You can find the beehives outside to the west of the meadery. But be careful the bees are very hostile!

Quest return:

Brewer Athenwin - Finally... the honey I need! Thank you, here is something for your troubles. Now please run along so I can work my magic and produce the finest brew in all of Domhan!

After turning in the Quest:

Brewer Athenwin - You look like someone who can cook! Let me share with you the Dizwin Cheese recipe!

Athenwin gives you the recipe for: Dizwin Cheese.

Subsequent clicks after receiving the cooking recipe:

Brewer Athenwin - Hey Baby... busy cooking up a batch of Honey Brew.

To Reach This NPC[edit]

Take a telepad to Domhan: Meadows Meadery, and then head west in to the Meadery. of Alpha 0.5.0


  • Athenwin is based off of the community user AthenaOfDelphi and was originally created by her.