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Alpha 5 (0.5.x)[edit]

This Alpha (first released August 2021) focused spells and dailies. It introduced:

It is still ongoing with more features being worked on.

Alpha 4 (0.4.x)[edit]

This Alpha (first released March 2021) focused on battle and dungeons. It introduced:

Alpha 3 (0.3.x)[edit]

This Alpha (released October 2019) focused on new features regarding items.

Alpha 2 (0.2.x)[edit]

This alpha (released July 2019) focused on building up the game's world:

Alpha 1 (0.1.x)[edit]

This Alpha (first released December 2018) was the start of the development of Aether Story, adding:

  • Map Loading
  • Teleporting between Maps
  • Character Creator
  • Multiplayer Movement
  • Chat
  • Location: Domhan Outpost